Photoshop Daily Creative Challenge, March 2019. Nine days, nine creative projects, all centered around the theme of video games and leveling up your skills.
Day 1: Create an invitation for game night by layering shapes and text.
Day 2: Make a futuristic postcard using blending modes.
Day 3: Create a logo for a fictional video game called “Level Up” and enhance it using text effects. ​​​​​​​
Day 4: Create a dreamscape inspired by space to be applied as a header image on a social channel.
Day 5: Mockup your dreamscape from Challenge #4 for a fictional client. Focus on image retouching to make it more realistic. 
Day 6 (left): Add movement to a poster using  “path blur” as a smart filter.
Day 7 (right): Starting with your poster from yesterday, add texture using brushes.
Day 8: Adjust characters with puppet warp and transform tools.
Day 9: Create a gif of one (or more) of the pieces we worked on previously in this challenge.

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